Teacherspet Pet Retreat

At Teacherspet Pet Retreat, our specialized personal care for your pet will make them think they are on vacation, too!

Where every pet is 'teacher' s pet'.


About Us

Teacherspet Pet Retreat is owned by Joanne Nimigan.  Joanne has over 40 years of experience in the pet industry, breeding registered Golden Retrievers, and training dogs professionally for Dealing With Dogs in Oakville, Ontario.  In the 1990's Joanne wrote and co-starred in the T.V. series 'Dealing With Dogs' for the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and for T.V. Ontario.  She then wrote the television series 'Life with Pets' for the Life Channel.  In 2007 Teacherspet Goldens were featured in the magazine "West of the City".  Teacherspet Golden Retrievers Reg'd have achieved success in the obedience ring and in the conformation ring, but most importantly, they are amazing family members.  Joanne specializes in socializing and matching the perfect puppy to their new family. 

Joanne is currently having fun doing obedience, agility, herding, and scent detection work with her German Shepherd Dogs, Appleridges Zen Master, and Appleridges Believe in Karma.  

In July of 2011, a lifelong dream came to fruition when she purchased the kennel, and every day since has been filled with adventure and fun with her furry clients.  

Joanne is fortunate to have an amazing staff who share her passion for dogs and cats.  As a team they provide exceptional care for all of their guests.