Teacherspet Pet Retreat

Have a well-behaved, polite dog 

Due to popular demand, we are offering a 6 week basic obedience class designed to improve your dog's behaviour.  This class is fun, motivating, positive, and very rewarding for dog and owner alike.  The focus will be obedience with a tail wag.

Positions:  sit/down/stand, with a quick reliable response

Stay when told

Walking on a loose leash

Come when called

Off (Leave it)

Sit to greet people

Safety at your front door

In addition, each week we will teach a trick to entertain your friends and increase your dog's vocabulary, and a game to play with your dog that exercises mind and body.  A tired dog is a well behaved dog!

Dogs must be up to date with vaccinations (rabies and bordatella).  For the dog friendly dogs there will be an off leash play session in the class.  Each class is one hour in length.  

What to bring:

training pouch
hands free leash (clips around waist)
flat collar 
training equipment (head halter or body harness, no choke chains) 

Price:  125.00

For more information, or to register, please call or email   



Classes are held outdoors in a large fully enclosed area.  Please dress for the weather.