Teacherspet Pet Retreat

We are proud to support ARF, Ontario.  ARF works with First Nations communities in Ontario to Rescue, Rehab, and Re-Home stray cats and dogs by community member request.  

We are accepting donations at the kennel, on behalf of ARF, this Christmas Season.  

Wish List

puppy toys, Kong toys

kitty litter and new litter boxes

canned dog and cat food (adult and puppy/kitten)

blankets and towels

leashes and collars (dog and puppy)

baby gates/exercise pens

Canadian Tire money

unflavoured Pedialyte

puppy or kitten formula

baby oatmeal cereal, rice cereal pablum

stage one plastic baby bottles

grocery store gift certificates

stuffed animals (without bean bag weights)

If you prefer to make a financial donation, make cheques payable to Stratford Animal Clinic ARF account, to help pay for emergency veterinary care/spaying/neutering.

Check out the ARF website or ARF on facebook for more details, or to adopt a dog or cat.  

All proceeds from nail trims during the month of December will be donated to ARF.  Book your nail trim today, and support a wonderful cause.